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Jul 07, 2023

Lenovo Yoga 7i 16 review: A top class 2

Lenovo keeps almost everything in this Yoga computer at a high level. Key individual items like the screen, webcam, and battery life are better than you could ask for. $1,089.99 Out of all the Lenovo

Lenovo keeps almost everything in this Yoga computer at a high level. Key individual items like the screen, webcam, and battery life are better than you could ask for.


Out of all the Lenovo Yoga laptops out there, there’s one that stands apart from the rest. Enter the Lenovo Yoga 7i 16. The 2023 convertible laptop delivers strong performance as well as a spacious, bright display with Dolby Vision support. It also checks off a lot of other boxes as far as features go. The fingerprint reader is easy to use for secure login and identification, there’s an included stylus, and it comes loaded with 16GB of fast DDR5 memory. This machine has a lot to offer buyers, especially for just $1,089.99.

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Processor: Intel Core i7-1360P, 4pcs Performance up to 5 GHz + 8pcs Efficient up to 3,7 GHzGraphics: Intel Iris XeMemory: 16GB DDR5Storage: 1 TB SSD, slot for micro SDDisplay: 16 inch glossy IPS, 2560×1600 pixelsWebcam: 1080pConnections: 2 thunderbolt 4, 2 USB 3 gen 1 type a, HDMI, headsetWireless: Wi-Fi 6e, Bluetooth 5.1Operating system: Windows 11 HomeOther: Fingerprint reader, flip to table mode, included stylus, backlit keyboard, numeric keypadNoise level: 0-35 dBaBattery life: 2 hours 15 min (high load), 19 hours 40 min (low load).Size: 36.2 x 25 x 1.7 cmWeight: 4.18 lbsPrice: $1,089.99

Cinebench R23, CPU: 11,623 pointsCinebench R23, CPU and core: 1,838 pointsGeekbench 6, CPU: 10,945 pointsGeekbench 6, CPU and core: 2,443 pointsGeekbench 6, GPU: 20,728 pointsDisk read: 5,237.25 MB/sDisk write: 4,439.89 MB/s

It’s a high level of everything, plain and simple, including build quality. The chassis is all aluminium with a warm dark grey finish and rounded edges that make it comfortable to grip. It never feels cumbersome to carry around, either.

Mattias Inghe

The screen has a small bulge at the top where the webcam is located, which makes it easy to fold up. It can’t really be done with one hand, but since it’s fully flippable I can forgive it, as this type of computer needs a bit more rigid hinges.

The keys and mouse pad are pushed slightly to the left to accommodate the number keys on the right, but there’s still plenty of room to rest your wrists on mostly cool aluminium surfaces. The keys have backlighting that is adjustable in two stages. The highest setting could have been brighter, but it does the job. The keys have a low stroke height with quality mechanics and a clear click feel.

You control the mouse quickly with the pad, or with a slight drag of your finger or pen on the screen. Precision is never lacking, and the pen lets you scribble notes, do handwriting and draw with great results. The pen is as solidly built as the rest of the computer, with a well-balanced weight and comfortable grip.

It’s powered by a standard slim AAA-type battery. So it lasts much longer than rechargeable pens, but you’ll have to get a refill yourself. Unfortunately, there is no good way to attach the pen to the plate. You get a bracket that you can thread around it and then plug it into one of your computer’s USB-A ports, but it feels risky.

Mattias Inghe

In terms of performance, it’s hard to complain, the Core i7-1360P provides both high peaks and efficient multitasking, and together with fast ram memory, I rarely feel like I need more. Possibly more memory, when I try to edit extra high-resolution photos and 4K video, but even that is possible with a little patience for micro-pauses when the SSD gets extra work. What’s missing is extra graphics, here it’s the processor’s integrated Intel Iris Xe circuit that applies. It drives the screen smoothly, but doesn’t do much to boost performance in programs that can use it, or for games.

But powering a 60 Hz display with 2D graphics isn’t that demanding, even a higher resolution one like this. The screen has a nice glow in the colors, and matches the SRGB color gamut with good color accuracy. But no more, it lands at around 65 per cent of P3 standard. This may be a reason to look for alternatives if you want the computer for professional creative work.

For all other purposes, however, it is very good. It has a calm and pleasantly flicker-free image and brightness that allows me to work outdoors on it as long as there is no sunlight directly on the screen or the background reflects anything too bright. At 100 per cent brightness, black surfaces are somewhat pale, but you only need that much light in outdoor environments. The glossy finish is relatively gentle on reflections.

You get hdr on the screen with Dolby Vision support, but given the half-sized color gamut and a maximum brightness of 400 cd/m2, you don’t really get the same effect as a smart TV or a good tablet. No, it’s best for viewing web pages, documents, office applications and playing SDR video. And then it’s brilliant.

Mattias Inghe

The built-in two-by-two watt stereo speakers have clean, well-balanced sound that, thanks to Dolby Atmos, sounds more and better than it should. But it’s a bit of a tenuous premise and there’s some lack of pressure in the bass, as well as detail in the treble. It’s certainly good enough for an episode of a streaming series, or a video meeting, and a fast and noise-free webcam with 1080p resolution means you can look good too. Audio recording from the built-in microphone is also clear.

There are no surprises when it comes to connections and connectivity, Lenovo delivers what is basically industry standard by 2023. Two thunderbolt 4 ports, two USB 3 type a, HDMI, and 3.5 mm headset port. Wirelessly, you get Wi-Fi 6e connectivity with stable reception and Bluetooth 5.1.

Lenovo pleasantly surprises with the battery life. The screen must be of a really power-efficient type, or the battery unusually large, because here I get a full day of active work with several hours to spare. If I push the processor to the max and run high screen brightness, it’s still good for over two hours, and with a really frugal run, I can surf from early morning to late evening without having to recharge.

If you want to take the charging pad with you, it’s not overly large either, and it’s fairly quick to top up with more energy. You can also opt out of fast charging in Lenovo’s Vantage settings program if you want to use less battery power.

Mattias Inghe

Here you also choose other things, such as enabling or blocking the webcam and microphone, how function keys work, and the performance and cooling level—from performance mode with a full fan, which isn’t much, to completely silent with limited processor load. You can then switch between the cooling modes with a keyboard shortcut.

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