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Aug 12, 2023

The Best Steel Cards In The First Chapter

Disney Lorcana's Steel cards are all about challenging, buffing, and swinging out with your characters. Here are the best. With six Ink colors in Disney Lorcana, knowing what the best cards are in

Disney Lorcana's Steel cards are all about challenging, buffing, and swinging out with your characters. Here are the best.

With six Ink colors in Disney Lorcana, knowing what the best cards are in each color is important to be able to build the best deck and to know what to look out for. Steel cards count themselves among the strongest of the game, with a focus on combat and attacking your opponent’s exerted creatures directly and gaining Lore through combat.

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There are plenty of powerful items, action, and adventure cards to use from among the Steel cards of the game, so let’s take a look at some of the best the color has to offer.

A turn-one character that lets you draw a card and then discard a card is very good. This enter ability helps you turn an okay hand into a better one or can smooth out a mulligan. Simba lets you put on the pressure early, capable of picking off other early game characters or start questing for lore.

Simba is both cheap enough that coming down early will give you an early-game advantage and is small enough that your opponent might not consider it a threat. Since damage sticks around, you can use Simba to pick off larger damaged characters instead of sacrificing a more powerful character.

There are only a few ways to banish item cards in Lorcana, and Beast, Hardheaded is a great way to do it. When this Beast enters play, you get to banish an item card, a very straightforward but potentially vital ability if your opponent has a problematic item in play.

Since you might not always need to banish an item, Beast makes a fantastic inclusion in decks as he makes a good card to place into your Inkwell. Versatile cards are a must in any card game, and Beast is a fantastic utility character.

A very solid early-game character, Tinker Bell Tiny Tactician is a tanky 2/4 that quests for just one lore, but that’s not why you’re playing the Fairy. The real power of Tinker Bell is its exert ability to draw a card and then discard a card.

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Card advantage is great for getting ahead of your opponents, and being able to pitch cards you don’t need for a potential answer to a problem on board can be vital in a game. As the game develops, if there are synergies with cards in the discard pile, Tinker Bell can prove to be a powerful engine in Lorcana.

At four ink, Hans, Thirteenth in Line is a little expensive for a 3/3 character, but he comes with a powerful ability that makes the tradeoff in cost worth it. This Villain character quests for two lore, and when it does, it deals one damage to any character.

Hans both advances you to victory two lore at a time and then helps you to pick off your opponent’s smaller characters. You can even use Hans to finish off a damaged character, both removing threats from the board and bringing you closer to 20 lore.

Bodyguard is a unique ability, letting your character enter play exerted and forcing your opponents to challenge it if they want to try and challenge any of your other characters. With a beefy seven willpower, your opponents will have a tough time getting through Mickey’s defenses.

One of the downsides of this Mickey is that, as a Musketeer character, you are almost forced to build a Musketeer-themed deck. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, since together the Musketeers are a strong archetype.

One of the things Steel is best at is direct challenges, and Te Kā is one of the best characters to do that. While a little expensive at six ink, Te Kā comes loaded with an impressive 5/5 strength and willpower.

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When you banish a character with Te Kā, you gain two lore. This effectively turns Te Kā’s challenge into a quest, since it can also quest to gain two lore. While you can only realistically challenge a few characters before you also banish Te Kā, you can take down a few of your opponent’s best characters while you’re at it.

One of the strongest characters to challenge your opponents with, Simba Returned King can challenge almost every other character in the game and win. Simba starts as an already impressive 4/6 but when it challenges, its Challenger ability makes it an 8/6 when it attacks an opponent’s character.

It also gains evasive on your turn, letting it challenge any other character with evasive. You can always use Simba to gather two lore when his willpower gets too low, or if there’s not a good target to take down.

This five-ink Action and Song card deal an impressive two damage to each of your opponent’s characters, potentially taking out several characters at once. The two damage Grab Your Sword deals can take out cheap characters with little willpower or can be used to guarantee you banish a problematic character.

One of the unique things with Song cards is that instead of paying the five ink to cast Grab Your Sword, you can instead exert a character that costs five or more to cast it. This way you can exert a character and keep your ink open to cast another card.

More often than not, Tinker Bell Giant Fairy is a four-ink 4/5 character that is going to dish out a ton of damage. While it normally costs six ink and can still be cast for six, it comes with a special ability called shift that lets you spend four ink as an alternate casting cost so long as you play it on top of another character names Tinker Bell.

When you play this Tinker Bell, it deals one damage to all your opponent’s creatures, dealing a massive blow to your opponent’s defenses. Then, any time Tinker Bell banishes another character on your turn, you get to deal another two damage to another of your opponent’s characters.

One of the best cards from the Steel ink type is A Whole New World, an action song card that requires a bit of consideration before playing, but can provide a massive advantage in a game. Since it is a song, you can exert a character with an ink cost of five or more, effectively making it a free spell.

When A Whole New World resolves, both you and your opponent discard your hands and draws a full new hand of seven cards. Since you can exert a character instead of paying for this song, it is practically free. You have to be careful since, if you cast it while your opponent has no or few cards in hand, you’re also helping them out too.

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