Customizable Fireproof Galvalume Steel (PPGL) Stone Granules Coated Metal Roofing Sheet


Customizable Fireproof Galvalume Steel (PPGL) Stone Granules Coated Metal Roofing Sheet

Customizable Fireproof Galvalume Steel (PPGL) Stone Granules Coated Metal Roofing Sheet

Overview Package Size 134.00cm * 42.00cm * 35.00cm Package Gross Weight 23.000kg Lead Time 14 days (1 - 10000 Pieces) To

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Basic Info.
Type Plain Roof Tiles
Size 1340*420mm
Color Customizable
Customized Customized
Certificate ISO, Son Cap, Pvoc
Package 400-700 Pieces / Pallet
Main Market Africa, North America, South America, Southeast as
Application Villa, Villa, Hotel, Residential House Roof
Advantage Fire/Wind/ Storm/ Sound Resistance/Eco-Friendly
Weight 2.2-3.5kg/PC
Model Number Bond Tile
Coverage Area 0.5sq.M
Thickness 0.35-0.55mm
Transport Package Pallet
Specification Alu-Zinc Steel Plate, Color Stone Chips
Origin Zhejiang, China
Packaging & Delivery
Package Size 134.00cm * 42.00cm * 35.00cm Package Gross Weight 23.000kg Lead Time 14 days (1 - 10000 Pieces)
To be negotiated ( > 10000 Pieces)
Product Description

Customizable Fireproof Galvalume Steel (PPGL) Stone Granules Coated Metal Roofing Sheet

Product Description
SAN-GOBUILD Milano TileStone-coated metal roofing tile is a kind of new concept of roofing materials that are sprayed with beautiful basalt sintered particles on an Alu-zinc alloy coated steel plate that has been treated with multiple protective films.Stone-coated metal roofing tile uses Alu-zinc alloy steel with multiple protective films as the substrate, pressed under the mold with well-developed technology, combining with colorful basalt granules as the surface, to become the best roofing tile materials.High technic stone coated metal roofing tile combines multiple protective films galvalume steel, which contains 55% of aluminum, together with the acrylic base layer, basalt granules layer, and also acrylic top layer, to become one multiple layers of roofing tile. It makes up the defects of other roofing materials such as PPGI sheets etc.Because of its long life, beautiful appearance, excellent durability, convenient installation, environment-friendly, economic, and easy overlapping construction as well, stone coated metal roofing tiles enjoy great popularity worldwide.
Product Name Milano Tile
MaterialGalvalume steel(Aluminum Zinc plated steel sheet=PPGL), Natural stone chip, Acrylic resin glue
ColorBlack, Red, Blue, Green, Customized
Tile Size1340x420mm
Effective Size1290x370mm
Coverage Area0.55sq.m./pc
Tiles/Sq.m.2 pcs
UsedResidential, Commercial construction roof, Any flat roof
Roof Tiles Details

As pioneers in product innovation, research and development is at the heart of what we do, and it's led to our advanced manufacturing processes and products. With this in mind, Sangobuild panels are first pressed and cut into dedicated panel sizes from premium coils of high-quality steel in our factory. From there, 300 metric ton presses create uniform panels in our signature eight-layer process.This dedicated process includes the application of Zincalume based steel on both sides; priming on both sides; application of an acrylic base coat; the natural stone granules; and then it's followed by a pure acrylic over-glaze.Once oven baked and hardened, this process offers one of the most durable and reliable roofing systems on the market.
1.Raw materials Galvalume steel
All San-gobuild@ roof products are manufactured from galvalume steel which has shown in tests to last 6-9 times longer than ordinary galvanized steel roofing products.
2.Color Chart
All San-gobuild roof tiles are coated with natural stone chips, volcanically formed and taken from quarries in French.These coatings add natural beauty to the roof and a hard layer of protection from the weather. Being of natural stone, the vibrant color is protected against the extreme UV of the African sun and will never change. 100% fadeless.San-gobuild Acrylic resin glue has strong sticky strength and good weather resistance after cohere.Use the acrylic resin super glue will make the stone granule stick firmly on the aluminum-zinc steel plate.Ordinary glue with bad adhesive but lower cost, easy make granule leak in a short time and different temperature. And the surface will change under certain weather conditions.

3. Benefits of Choosing Stone-Coated Roof Tiles
1. Outstanding Lifetime ValueStone-coated steel roofs have a far longer lifespan than traditional materials. Standard asphalt shingles have a lifespan of 15-18 years, where Sangobuild Roofing Systems have a lifespan and warranty of 50 years.2. Durable and Hard-Wearing in Extreme ConditionsAt Sangobuild, we know that our roofing system needs to be capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions across the world - high winds, fire, heavy rain, snowfall, hail, earthquakes, and hurricanes.Our products are designed to be used anywhere in the world.3.Profiles and Colors Consumers LoveAvailable in a wide variety of profiles and colors, a stone-coated steel roof suits any house and design type, whether it's a new and contemporary style or a heritage home.The huge advantage is that although they can be designed to look like more traditional roofing materials, they won't burn, curl, split, crack or rot as traditional materials do.4.SustainableNot only do stone-coated steel roofs perform better and last longer than other materials, but they also do their part to help the environment.During the installation of a stone-coated steel roof, there is less waste that ends up in landfills, as all steel wastage from the installation process can be recycled.With innate heat absorption characteristics, stone-coated steel roofs help to mitigate the 'heat island effect' - a phenomenon now known to be a key contributor to greenhouse issues in urban areas.And with Sangobuild, our roofing system meets the World Health Organization standards for water run-off (asphalt begins tobio-degrade after 6 years making water run-off not only unusable but chemically dangerous).Packaging & Shipping

Customizable Fireproof Galvalume Steel (PPGL) Stone Granules Coated Metal Roofing Sheet


Inside plastic wrapping film, covered by carton with packing belt, outside with the polybag. Wooden fumigation pallet.

Packing information

Each wooden pallet can hold 400-700 pieces of colorful stone-coated alum-zinc roofing tiles.


20'container/ 40'container/ by bulk

5.Scene Application - Milano Profile

Customizable Fireproof Galvalume Steel (PPGL) Stone Granules Coated Metal Roofing Sheet

Company ProfileHangzhou Singer Building Materials Co., Ltd was founded in 2006. We are a new technology-intensive enterprise, integrated with scientific research, production, design and sales; concentrates on technology, quality and service.Product Range: 1) Stone Coated Metal Roofing Tiles 2) PVC And Aluminum Rain Gutters 3) Asphalt Shingles 4) Waterproof Tapes OUR MISSIONTo be a renowned global roofing brand, San-gobuild will provide the very best roofing products to key roofing distributors and installers around the world.We will create trustworthy relationships by exceeding their expectations in service and supply a unified and committed team that takes pride in building a strong and sustainable business for all stakeholders.

6.Why choose San-gobuild ?

1. Good QualitySangobuild uses an aluminum zinc-plated steel sheet as the base of the stone-coated roof tile and covers by CARLAC(CL) natural stone chips from French which is anti-algae and no color fading. The warranty could be for 50 years.2. Fast ShipmentSangobuild has 6 advanced automatic production lines and the output could be 800,000 pieces per month. We usually finish the production within 15 days after receiving the deposit.3. Professional ServiceSangobuild exports the stone-coated roof tile to more than 20 countries for 13years and could arrange the shipment and document perfectly to save the cost. And we also could apply for the certificate as per your requirement.4. FactorySangobuild is the factory for stone-coated roof tile, if you purchase the goods from us directly, you could get the cheaper price. Our factory is in Hangzhou and Tianjin, China. Welcome to visit our factory at any time.5. ResponsibilitySangobuild is a reliable and honest enterprise. We prefer long-term business, not a one-time business. So if you face any problem because of our quality, please take the picture and video, inform us of the details and quantity, we will be 100% responsible for our goods and will give you feedback within 24 hours.6. TechnologyWe could provide professional selling propositions for different countries and technical guidance for installment. If necessary, we will dispatch an installment technician to the construction site.
7. Certificates
8.Roof Tile Catalog


Q: Are you a trading company or factory?
A: We are a professional roof tile manufacturer, focused on Metal Tile and Asphalt Shingles for 20 years
Q: Can you make products from our designs?
A: Yes, we do OEM and ODM
Q: Can I get a sample to check the quality?
A: Yes, free sample is provided, you just need to pay for the postage and it will be refunded in your mass order
Q: What's your MOQ?
A: Universal Package:100 PCS
Q: How long do you need for production?
A: Normally for 7-10 daysQ: Will it make my house hotter or colder?
A: No. Because the air layer between the stone-coated steel roof and the underlying deck will isolate your house from external factors. It is worth mentioning that heated air floats over cold air. It is worth mentioning that stone-coated steel roof owners are reducing utility consumption because of that
Q: Is it noisy?
A: No, the air layer between your roof and the underlying deck will reduce the noise as any other roofing substitute
Q: Is it leakproof?
A: Yes, it is 100% leakage proof
Q: Can we walk on it?
A: Yes, it is made of steel so it will not break or crack like any other roof
Q: Is it rust resistance?
A: Yes, it is made of high-quality alu zinc steel booth anti-corrosive material
Q: Could I install the stone-coated roof tile on the 0 degrees roof?
A: The stone coated roof tile should install the roof which has 20 degrees roof pitch, if the roof pitch is below 20 degrees, it will be easy to leaking
Q: What kind of roof is suitable to install stone-coated roof tile?
A: Both concrete roof and wooden roof could install the stone coated roof tile, but it must install the roof batten before installing the roof tile, except interlock tile
Q: Is necessary to install the roof batten before installing the roof tile?
A: Yes, it must install the roof batten before installing the roof tile, except the Interlocking tile.Because we need to fix the roof tile on the roof batten when installment
Q: How many years warranty?
A: The warranty for the Sangobuild stone-coated roof tile could be 50 years
Q: Does the color fade?
A: Sangobuild promised all stone coated roof tile is not color fading. We use CARLAC(CL) natural stone chips which are from French and it also supplies the stone chips to the factory for stone-coated roof tile in South Korea and the USA. The granules have excellent performance for weather resistance and against extreme UV
Q: Will the stone chips fall down after installment?
A: Sangobuild uses the advanced technology "pour glue" to make the stone chips stick firmly with the steel sheet. And it also solves the problem of uneven color caused by traditional handmade spray glue at the same time
Q: Is there any matters that need attention when install stone-coated roof tile?
A: The up and down roof tiles should be staggered, if install straightly, it will be easy to leaking.