Dx51d 55% Hot Dipped Al Zn Galvalume Steel Coil Hot


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Dx51d 55% Hot Dipped Al Zn Galvalume Steel Coil Hot

Dx51d 55% Hot Dipped Al Zn Galvalume Steel Coil Hot

Overview Product Description Aluminium-zinc coating (AZ) 55%Zinc Coated is applied by dipping steel into a bath of molte

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Basic Info.
Model NO. GL/Galvalume steel coil(sheet)
Application Building\Construction\Roofing\Corrugated
Edge Slit edge
Stock Stock
Shipment Within10-15 Workdays
Zinc Coating 100G/M2, 120G/M2-250G/M2
Base Metal Dx51d+Z, Dx51d+Az
Hard G250, G300, G350, G400, G550
Thickness(mm) 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, 0.7mm-2.0mm
Width(mm) 1000mm 1200mm 1250mm 500-1550mm
Grade DC51D DC52D DC53D DC54D SGCC Sgcd Sgce SPCC
Zinc Coat Az40, Az60, Az80, Az100, Az120, Az150, Az180
Surface Chromated/ Oiled/Non Oiled, Skin Pass
Agent Brand Baosteel/Wisco/Tisco/Shougang/Angang
Processing Welding, Punching, Cutting, Bending, Decoiling
Material Sgh440 Sgc340 Sgc440 S250gd/S280gd/S350gd/G550
Transport Package Standard Seaworthy Package
Specification SGCC/SGCH/CS Type A and B/DX51D/DX52D/G550/S280/S3
Trademark Baosteel/wisco/tisco/shougang/angang
Origin Shanghai, China
HS Code 7210490000
Production Capacity 16000t+/Month
Product Description

Product Description
Aluminium-zinc coating (AZ) 55%Zinc Coated
is applied by dipping steel into a bath of molten metal consisting of 55% aluminium and 1.6% silicon (with the remaining being taken up by zinc). The combined action of these metals ensures the best corrosion protection compared with other coatings.

Aluzinc& Galvalume Steel Coil
The galvalume & aluzinc steel sheet in coil uses the cold-rolled steel sheet as a substrate and solidified by 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicon at 600 °C. It combines the physical protection and high durability of aluminum and the electrochemical protection of zinc. It is also called aluzinc steel coil.


  • Strong corrosion resistance, 3 times that of galvanized steel coil.
  • The density of 55% aluminum is smaller than the density of zinc. When the weight is the same and the thickness of the plating layer is the same, the area of the galvalume steel sheet is 3% or larger than that of the galvanized steel sheet.

Dx51d 55% Hot Dipped Al Zn Galvalume Steel Coil Hot-Dipped Gl Coils

Product Type

Galvalume steel coil cold rolled / GL for roof wall construciton




2000-12000mm or customized


Q195 Q235 Q345SGCC SGCH SGC340 SGC400 SGC440 SGC490 SGC570SGHC SGH340 SGH400 SGH440 SGH490 SGH540DX51D DX52D DX53D DX54D DC55D DC56D DC57DS220GD S250GD S280GD S320GD S350GD S400GD S450GD S500GD S550GDSS320 SS250 SS275


BS4449-2005,GB1449.2-2007,JIS G3112-2004,ASTM A615-A615M-04a,Korea StandarsKSD 3504,AustralasianStandard AS/NZS 4671

Zinc coating

40GSM 60GSM 40-275g/m2

Spangle Type

Regular Spangle/Small Spangle/Zero Spangle/Big Spangle

Surface treatment

Chromated/Non-Chromated,Oiled/Non Oiled,Skin pass

Processing Service

Welding, Punching, Cutting, Bending, Decoiling




Standard export packing

1.surface polish,

2:bundle package,

3:wooden case,wooden pallet package,4:container or bulk,

5:special according to customer's request

Coil weight 3-8tons

Export to

Ireland,Singapore,Indonesia,Ukraine,SaudiArabia, Spain,Canada,USA,Brazil,Thailand,Iraq,Russia,Turkey,Kuwait,Korea,India,Egypt,Oman,Malaysia

Product Description

Aluzinc Galvalume Steel Coils VS. Galvanized Steel CoilBecause this Aluzinc layers coating has very good corrosion resistance ability which offers it 2-6 times the life span versus galvanized steel coils. Developed from hot dipped zinc galvanized and hot-dipped aluminum galvanization tech, galvalume steel combines with excellent characteristics of both products, premium corrosion and oxidation resistance of hot dipped aluminum galvanization and exceptional electrochemical properties of hot dipped zinc coated galvanization, which gives galvalume steel strong anti-rust and anti-corrosion ability at the edge and on the scratched surface.

Dx51d 55% Hot Dipped Al Zn Galvalume Steel Coil Hot-Dipped Gl Coils

Dx51d 55% Hot Dipped Al Zn Galvalume Steel Coil Hot-Dipped Gl Coils

Dx51d 55% Hot Dipped Al Zn Galvalume Steel Coil Hot-Dipped Gl Coils

Dx51d 55% Hot Dipped Al Zn Galvalume Steel Coil Hot-Dipped Gl Coils

LIYING STEEL Limited based in shanghai. Is a professional company specialized in design, manufacture and supply steel products, which are widely used on roofing, wall building, color coating base plate and automotive industry etc. Fields. These new materials, such as galvanized coil/sheet, aluminum galvanized coil/sheet, color coil/sheet, pattern coil/sheet, color aluminum coil/sheet, wrinkle coil/sheet, alum-magn-manganese coil/sheet, glazed tile, various color steel corrugated sheet, color steel tile, PVC board, cold plate, metal carved board and so on. Products have been exported to South America, Africa, Southeast Asia, Central Asia and other countries.

Dx51d 55% Hot Dipped Al Zn Galvalume Steel Coil Hot-Dipped Gl Coils

Dx51d 55% Hot Dipped Al Zn Galvalume Steel Coil Hot-Dipped Gl Coils


Company Profile

The annual sales volume of the LIYING is more than 300000 tons, and the sales volume has reachednew highs. The company has formed a complete sales service system based on East China and facingcustomers all over the country. The company has a good reputation,high-quality products, strongstreng, low price reputation in the country, products are deeply dependent on users. Shanghai Liying Industrial Co., Ltd is located in Shanghai. We started to supply Galvanized steel coil, galvalume sheet coil, Al-zinc steel coil, and also Prepainted Galvanized Coil/Sheet,color coated steel coil, corrugated roofing sheets since 2003. We have more than 20 years of experience, and we believe that we have a very important resource advantage in the industry. In terms of products, we may know better than you. If you have any questions about related products, please feel free to contact us.

Now we are exporting by ourselves. The mission of our company is to service customers as partner, support customers by best quality goods with lower prices. The most important policy of us is " High quality products-Credit is the basic and best policy."Hope to develop with you together!!! We welcome you and are looking forward to your eternal support!

Corrosion resistance

Galvanized coil is defined as a carbon steel sheet coated with zinc on both sides. Zinc coating is one of the most effective andeconomical methods to protect bare steel plates. Zinc can act as a barrier between steel and the environment, it will sacrificeitself to protect the steel plate below.

Good quality

The zinc layer has uniform thickness and strong adhesion. The zinc layer has uniform thickness and strong adhesion. It does not peel off during processing and has good corrosion resistance. It will not corrode for 20 years.The surface is very smooth and clean.The spangles are symmetrical and beautiful.55% Hot DippedGalvalume Steel in Coil (GL)

Dx51d 55% Hot Dipped Al Zn Galvalume Steel Coil Hot-Dipped Gl Coils

Galvalume is a coating consisting of zinc, aluminum and silicon that is used to protect a metal (primarily steel) from oxidation. It is similar to galvanizing in that it is a sacrificial metal coating which protects the base metal.

Corrosion Resistance & Self- Healing Properties

Galvalume's chemical formula was specifically designed to combine the toughness, strength, and self-healing properties of zinc with the rust resisting properties of aluminum. That's why Galvalume's corrosion resistance is about two to four times better than galvanized steel.Before Galvalume came into existence, most metal roofing was galvanized steel. However, because of the superior durability and corrosion resistance of Galvalume, the metal roofing industry transitioned from galvanized substrates to a Galvalume substrate is more and more popular.
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Installation Instructions

Dx51d 55% Hot Dipped Al Zn Galvalume Steel Coil Hot-Dipped Gl Coils

Galvalume combines three of the most high-performing and important metals used in roofing today - steel, aluminum, and zinc. Manufacturers begin with a cold-rolled carbon steel base sheet that is continuously hot-dipped with aluminum and zinc alloys (AZ) until it reaches a coating of 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc, and 1.6% silicone. LIYING Steel introduced the Galvalume coating to the construction industry in the early CHINA. This process allows for one material to have some of the best characteristics of each metal, which is why it's become one of the most popular metals used in metal roofing.
Substrate selection: AZ150 (150 g/m2 galvanized aluminum);
G345A high-strength galvanized aluminum steel sheet (55% aluminum, 43% zinc and 1.6% silicon)
Corrosion resistance data: 5% NaCl35 C, 1000 hours, good site The scribe is less than 2 mm.

Q.U.V: 2000 hours, the maximum color difference is 2, and the light retention rate is over 90%.

Ordinary color steel coil is a composite material, also known as color coated steel sheet, which is formed by continuous chemical transfer treatment of strip steel on the production line by surface degreasing, phosphating, organic coating and baking. It has both steel and organic materials. It not only has the mechanical strength and easy forming properties of the steel sheet, but also has good decorative and corrosion resistance.

As you can see, the difference between aluminized color steel plate and galvanized color steel plate and color steel coil is still very obvious. The color coated plate has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and weather resistance, and the color steel coil not only has the mechanical strength and easy forming property of the steel plate, but also has good decorative property and corrosion resistance of organic materials, and has corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance.

Color steel coil is a composite material, also known as color steel plate. The product is continuously chemically transferred to the strip on the production line, such as degreasing, phosphating, etc., and is coated with organic paint and dried.

Aluminum galvanized color coated board is a new material produced by domestic high-end applications in recent years, commonly known as CCLI. It is made of galvanized aluminum plated steel (55% aluminum, 43% zinc, 1.6% silicon). It has better corrosion resistance than galvanized steel. It is degreased, phosphatized, complexed and coated with organic paint.

Quality Adhesives and Coatings for Prepainted Metal

Working with an experienced industrial adhesives and coil coating supplier will help you to understand your options in the various coatings available for prepainted metal.LIYING STEEL has more than 20 years of experience. LIYING offers high-performance functional coatings and laminating adhesives for steel sheets manufactured with a continuous coil coating process. We offer the leading high-tech engineers in the industry who provide troubleshooting and customized chemistry solutions to meet your adhesive or coating needs.LIYING has been a custom chemical and coating technology leader, recognized for improving process efficiencies and product quality. We follow a strict quality policy with proprietary procedures in addition to our ISO9001:2015 registration. Contact us with any questions on the best types of adhesives and coatings for your prepainted, coil coating metal process.

Feel free to contact LIYING:
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Please contact me if you have any questions,Looking forward to your message.
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Dx51d 55% Hot Dipped Al Zn Galvalume Steel Coil Hot-Dipped Gl Coils

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Dx51d 55% Hot Dipped Al Zn Galvalume Steel Coil Hot-Dipped Gl Coils


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2. Which payment method can I choose?LIYING Steel accepts all types of secured payment methods. Bank transaction,Alibaba Trading Assurance,Paypal and etc are all available from us.Please feel free to contact us about your preferred payment method.3. Is sample providing service available?LIYING Steel provides free samples to our clients. We usually also cover the sample shipping cost.Please feel free to order a sample from us.4. Is customization available?LIYING Steel's expert equipment and highly-trained workers are capable of manufacturing highly customized products.Please feel free to discuss with us about your customized requirements,we can surely meet your needs.5. What products and materials do you supply?LIYING Steel mainly supplies all catalogs and all grades of steel and stainless steel products.Coils,strips,sheet,pipes,bars,beams,flanges and other customized products.Tin coating,Ti coating,galvanization and other surface treatments are also available. Other than steel products,Zhongheng Steel also has high production capacity and holds large ready stock of all kinds of copper and aluminum products. Please feel free to consult us about any related products above,we can surely meet your requirements.6. Why should I choose you?Shanghai liying Steel Industry company has deeply engaged in metal material market for over 22 years.We established perfect reputation world-widely. Craftsmanship spirit is the fundamental of LIYING Steel since we are established.LIYING Steel keeps our products as highest quality and lowest price to maintain our self competitive. Proving our clients with best trading experience is the goal we always insist of.7. How can I make sure you are a reliable supplier?LIYING Steel welcomes a company tour for you to check our factory status.